in Civitella Paganico

Restaurants Antinesco Bistrot

Via della Madonnina 1, 58045 Paganico GR

Antinesco tells a story, a story that begun by the grandfather in the medieval village of Paganico in 1960, a story made of tradition and passion that is passed on from generation to generation.

Through flavors and fragrances of the past, our dishes will bring you back to the simplicity of the ritual gestures of the old Maremma farms in a contemporary atmosphere.
The acquacotta, the bread soup, the cod with onions, the wild boar ragu, endless words that bring your mind to the table, the Italian table, the table of Antinesco.

But if you have little time, or you want to taste our Km0 cold cuts, Schiacciate tipiche, Panino con Lampredotto are waiting for you. All with a nice glass of red wine.

Antinesco Bistrot is also a Bar: homemade cakes, fresh pastries and "norcineria" with Km0 cold cuts. Wine bar with local wines.

Open from 6:00 to 20:00

Additional contacts:  cel. 392 2458062

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