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Civitella paganico Pari

Pari is an ancient medieval village with Etruscan and Roman origins; it was in the possession of the Ardengheschi family and then passed to the Comune of Siena, before becoming part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Since 1928 it has been part of the Municipality of Civitella Paganico. Pari dominates the Ombrone Valley and the Farma Valley, offering truly unique views. Since 2018 Pari has become the first of the "Borghi della Lettura" in Tuscany.



  • "Giro Pari", the tour of the village along the main street, so called because it follows a circular route.
  • Stop "agli archi", a still intact structure of the old hospital opposite the birthplace of the father of the writer Federigo Tozzi.
  • Piazza Castelfidardo, on the wall of the house near the entrance to Via Tozzi you can admire an ancient stone engraved with animals and flowers from the ancient pre-Romanesque church of San Giorgio in Valoria, of which unfortunately no traces remain.
  • Church of San Biagio
    The church is of medieval origin and was restored several times over the course of the centuries. The upper part of the bell tower is from the eighteenth century and inside the church, with a single nave, some seventeenth-century paintings are preserved, including a beautiful Madonna with child, angel and saint, the design of which was made by Andrea del Sarto. Two other identical versions are known: one is located in the headquarters of the Compagnia della Misericordia in Piazza Duomo in Florence and the other, the original, on wood, is in the Prado museum in Madrid.
  • Oratory of S. Croce di SS Fabiano e Sebastiano
    The oratory is the seat of the company of the same name, of which there is evidence since 1548, as well as the company of Saints Fabian and Sebastian. The painting of the Madonna and Child between Saints Fabian and Sebastian is by Marco Bigio, a 16th-century painter and pupil of Sodoma.
  • Palazzo, the old Palace of Justice, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view. The building is located in the main square, in the highest part of the village. The building was renovated in 2020 and now houses a multifunctional space including rooms for conferences and events. It is often chosen as a breathtaking backdrop for civil unions and weddings.
  • Piazzetta della Lettura Piazza Castelfidardo leads to the adjacent Piazzetta della Lettura, an intimate space dedicated to literary events and meetings with the authors of the "Borghi della Lettura", of which Pari is the first Tuscan exponent.
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