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Civitella paganico Monte Antico

Monte Antico stands on an important railway junction, but the first inhabited nucleus dates back to before the year 1000, as a possession of the Ardengheschi family, who built a castle with court. The actual castle took on its present appearance during the 14th century, under the rule first of the Buonsignori and then of the Salimbeni, up to the Tolomei, who made the last changes.

Monte Antico


  • Castle of Monte Antico
    The impressive medieval castle, dating back to before the year 1000, overlooks the village from the top of a hill and is arranged in an 'L' shape around a characteristic courtyard, with a well and a cistern for collecting rainwater.
  • Church of San Tommaso
    The church of San Tommaso Apostolo has uncertain origins, dating back to the 16th century, but it was built after the definitive disappearance of the parish church of San Giovanni Battista in Ancaiano. Its current name dates back to recent times, while the style of the religious building is neo-Romanesque, with stone-clad walls.
  • Train Station
    The station is a stop for regional trains in transit along the line between Grosseto and Siena, and was one of the stops on the tourist train circuit Trenonatura. It is currently at the centre of development projects for slow tourism.

Photo Castle and Monte Antico station (c) Alessio Casini

Photo steam train (c) Luca Giannuzzi Savelli

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