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Civitella paganico Casal di Pari

Casale, now known as Casal Di Pari because of its proximity to the larger village, is perched on a hill 470 metres above sea level. It was the centre of the Ardengheschi and then passed under Sienese rule. Of the ancient structure, the narrow streets and the small square dominated by terraces and arches are still intact.

Casal di Pari


  • Church of San Donato
    The Church of San Donato dates back to the 15th century and was completely rebuilt in 1700. The fa├žade of the church is simple, with a roof bordered by blind arches. The side jamb is built out of stone on which there is a fragmentary inscription that is difficult to read.
  • Residenza del Vescovo
    This Renaissance complex was built in 1573 by the Sienese Fabio de Vais.
  • Old well and small square
    Situated opposite the church, the well has been in public use since its origins.
  • Birthplace of the cartoonist Aurelio Galleppini (Galep)
    The cartoonist, who was very prolific in his authorship, is known to the general public above all thanks to the character Tex Willer, for which he was the official cover artist until the year of his death, in 1994.
  • Visit to the chestnut trees, a small park with an equipped area for children, where you can enjoy fresh, healthy air.
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