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The Ombrone Grosseto or senese is the river of a thousand legends, of herds of cattle raised in the wild, of wild horses, of transhumant flocks, of woodcutters, of charcoal burners. The river rises near San Gusmè, in the municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI), crosses the provinces of Siena and Grosseto and flows near Marina di Alberese in the municipality of Grosseto in the Maremma Regional Park.
With a length of 161 km, it is the second largest river in Tuscany after the Arno.
During its course it meets some important tributaries such as the Arbia, the Orcia, the Merse and other minor ones such as the Lanzo. The Ombrone River, with its catchment area of 3,494 km2, is the largest river in southern Tuscany. It is an extremely torrential river, which alternates extreme low periods in summer with swirling floods in autumn or spring, although after recent climate changes this seasonality is not always respected.
The Ombrone flows slowly through its valley, its morphological characteristics varying slightly until it joins the Merse, in the municipality of Civitella Paganico (GR).
The Ombrone is navigable for the entire stretch falling within the territory of Civitella Paganico and up to 3 km from the mouth; this last stretch is forbidden because it is inside an Integral Reserve in the Maremma Regional Park.
Navigating the Ombrone is not particularly difficult, except in times of flood; it can be navigated with various types of craft, including Canadian canoes, kayaks, dinghies and sup. The only pitfalls you may encounter during a descent are trees that may have fallen and have been dragged down the river during floods, but the conformation of the river and the speed of the water always allow a stop to inspect them.


The Terramare association organises numerous activities to better experience the river, from kayak, canoe, sup or dinghy trips and soft rafting adventures to land or water excursions and teaching for schools, always accompanied by professional guides.

The association aims to combine sport with environmental protection and social promotion, educating people about motor activity and exploring the area, in harmony with the environment. Terramare raises awareness on the theme of "Preserving and enhancing the sea resource and natural ecosystems", by cleaning up the area, environmental and sports education workshops, guided excursions and trekking, CANOE-KAYAK, SURF-SUP courses, Soft Rafting descents and organising cultural events.


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Terramare – Associazione di Promozione Sociale e Sportiva – affiliata UISP
www.terramareitalia.it - info@terramareitalia.it - Tel: 34026009573381784255

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Photo rafting (c) Terramare - Social and Sports Promotion Association - affiliated UISP

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