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Located on the border between two municipalities, Civitella Paganico and Monticiano, the Petriolo Thermal Baths are certainly a destination not to be missed for lovers of hot springs.

Situated on the bank of the Farma stream, the waters of Petriolo spa flow out at a temperature of 43 degrees, rich in salts with multiple properties, already known in Roman times and still appreciated today.

The first news about Petriolo's thermal baths date back to 1230, although they had already been mentioned in an oration by Cicerone. Today the structure has been totally rebuilt, with modern architectural lines and natural materials. Here are present: a wellness center, therapeutic thermal baths, mud baths and thermal baths and the possibility to make inhalations and beneficial aerosol.

The thermal baths are freely accessible but to book spa and wellness services it is possible to contact the private structure located a short distance away.

Currently the thermal site of Petriolo is the subject of an important project of recovery and enhancement by Italia Nostra on which you can read more at www.bagnidipetriolo.it.


For information on treatments and overnight stays:
Mercure Hotel Petriolo Spa Resort
Bagni di Petriolo - Pari (GR) - Tel. +39 0564 9091


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